Who We Are

Crosslake Auto Body, Inc. is a collision repair facility delivering astonishing auto body repairs to all of Crosslake, MN & the surrounding areas.

We strive to provide quality workmanship with integrity, while building life long relationships throughout the Crosslake community and other neighboring communities.

At Crosslake Auto Body our shop is committed to recycle, reuse and dispose of waste in the most environmentally sound ways.

How We Help You

We fix everything from minor dings to major collision damage AND we handle the entire insurance claim process.

With calls returned promptly and rental / loaner vehicles available, we do everything we can to make the auto repair process easy and minimize stress levels for everyone.

At Crosslake Auto Body, our collision repair services bring your vehicle to the factory specifications in both appearance and safety.

Why Choose Us

Our goal is to exceed your expectations with our effective and reliable auto body services, returning your vehicle in it’s pre-accident condition.

Open and honest communication throughout the process allows our exceptional staff to produce exceptional results.

We work with the auto insurance companies and provide a lifetime warranty on all services performed at our auto body shop in Crosslake.

Insurance Tips

You paid premium price for your auto insurance policy... and for the rights that came with it! Don't let anyone take them away!

If you just had an accident, you might not know what to do now. Auto accidents are already very confusing, so we found it to be quite helpful if someone is there to guide you through the whole process or even handle it for you.

Click here to know your rights if you’ve been in an accident and your vehicle is damaged.

What Our Customers Ask

Don’t Take a Second Hit… Know Your Rights!

If you’ve been in an auto accident and submit a claim to your insurance company, you should know that:

You have the right to choose a repair shop to fix your vehicle. Once you’ve informed the insurance representative that you’ve selected a repair facility, it’s illegal for them to try to influence you to take it somewhere else.

Don’t let your insurance company use these scare tactics to steer you to the shop of its choice…

  • The shop you chose is not on our list as one of our network shops.
  • We can’t guarantee the repairs if your vehicle is repaired at the shop you choose.
  • Your repairs could be delayed if you don’t use the shops on our list.
  • You may be responsible for additional costs if repaired at the shop you choose.

You have the right to have your vehicle repaired to its pre-accident condition.

Your insurance company is required to assume all costs necessary to repair your vehicle to the way it was before it was damaged.

You have the right to have your vehicle repaired with original equipment (OE) parts.

An insurer must pay for parts of like kind and quality (OE parts of comparable age and condition) and cannot require you to accept aftermarket parts (parts not made by your vehicle manufacturer).

You should consult with the collision repair professional of your choice to determine the appropriate repair plan for your vehicle.

Collision repair professionals have the knowledge and technical expertise to know which parts, materials and repair procedures are necessary for the proper and safe repair of your vehicle. Armed with this information, you will be in a better position to make sure you receive what you’re entitled to – by law – from your insurance company.

*Minn. Stat. § 72A.201, Subd. 6

Can I have my vehicle repaired with original equipment parts … and will the insurance company pay for them?

If parts are being replaced on your damaged vehicle, your insurance company is required to pay for original equipment (OE) parts, unless you agree to aftermarket parts (parts not made by your vehicle’s manufacturer). However, your insurance company is only responsible for restoring your vehicle to the way it was before it was damaged. If your vehicle was not new at the time of the loss, the insurer does not have to pay for new OE parts. They must pay for parts of “like kind and quality” (OE parts of comparable age and condition). If you request new OE parts on an older vehicle, you may have to pay the difference.

How do Minnesota’s No-Fault laws apply?

Many people misunderstand Minnesota’s no-fault law. No-fault provisions relate only to medical loss, work loss, or loss of essential services and are only available from your own insurance company. The No-Fault law is not related to physical damage to your vehicle.

Can you match the paint color?

Today’s paint mixing technology allows us to use a computer to match your existing paint.  We guarantee a paint match for all vehicle manufacturer colors.  We take special pride in our ability to match factory finishes as the final step in the restoration process.  We use the best in color-matching tools to precisely match factory standards.

Can I get other work done on my vehicle while it is in the body shop?

Yes. Crosslake Auto Body offers body repair, light mechanical repair and glass replacement. When we schedule your vehicle, just let us know what other work you would like to have done and we will be happy to make the necessary arrangements for you.

When can I wash and wax my vehicle?


Do use a mild detergent and cool clean water when washing.  Do wash away any bird droppings (high acid content can ruin fresh paint) or tree sap (can mar or spot fresh paint) right away. Wash in the shade. Do wipe dry with a damp soft cloth.


Do not use a commercial car wash. Stiff brushes or sponges could mar the finish and damage the surface. Don’t wash in direct sunlight whenever possible. Don’t wax or polish the vehicle.  Do not drive on gravel roads, chipping the finish is easily done in the first 30 days.  Don’t spill gasoline, oil, antifreeze, transmission fluid or windshield solvent on the new finish.  If you do, DON’T WIPE!  Immediately rinse off with mild detergent and water.  Do not scrape ice or snow from the newly painted surface.


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