Flying Snow/Ice Damage

SO SCARY 😳 and glad no one was hurt in the accident (thankfully no passenger present at the time). 🙏🏻 HUGE lessons to learn: 1) ☝🏼 Don’t follow too closely behind a large truck/semi that is l…

Sheriff vs. deer The Sheriff really should have brought his car to Crosslake Auto Body to be rep…

Helpful Hint Year-Round

To check your tire’s tread, place a penny head down into the groove of the tread. If you see the top of Lincoln’s head, this is a sign that your treas is worn and shallow. You will need to replace your tires!

Spring Cleaning applies to your vehicle too!

Not only are us Minnesotans opening our windows to breathe in fresh air after a long winter, we are also trying to make the salty residue disappear from our vehicles. Below are 5 helpful ways your ride will shine without a major Spring cleaning session. S…

Minnesota is the best state in America to raise a family

It’s good to live in the Land of 10,000 Reasons to Brag.

November Gift Certificate Winner

Congratulations to Ron Running!! As another one our November drawing winners, he received a $100 gift certificate to AmiercInn!

Stay Safe!

With the ice and snow upon us, please take extra caution while traveling. Let’s be courteous to our snow plows as they work to make our roads safer, and know that Crosslake Auto Body is always here to support you when situations don’t go as planned!

Crosslake Auto Body’s little “helpers”

They may not be elves, but they sure are helpful!  It’s never too early to educate and mentor little minds.  We sure appreciate the help in the office and shop alike! What are you passionate about sharing and teaching our youth today? Wyatt and Braiden he…