Did you know there are over 60,000 different colors used in the original painting of vehicles today?  From basic black to pearl three stage colors.

So, how do we match paint?  The first step is the VIN # of the vehicle to get the original paint code from the vehicle manufacturer.  Our body shop has its own mixing room, where our paint technicians use a computerized paint matching system to mix paint that blends seamlessly with your vehicle. The color that is sprayed can be affected by the distance and the speed the paint is being applied to the vehicle.  It’s also important to have quality spray guns that can give the technician accurate and consistent control over the paint.

A process called Blending is also used to gradually blend the new paint in with the old paint.  Because color looks different under different lighting conditions, we have tools that can measure the color match under natural sunlight and indoor lighting.

Our facility features a State of the Art paint spray booth to bake on paint finishes for the final step in the painting process.