At Crosslake Auto Body we know that an auto accident is not convenient.  We understand that your inconvenience and strive to reduce the hassle of an unfortunate circumstance.

Part of us helping you through the insurance claim includes us making sure you have Rental Coverage and how much you are covered for, so there won’t be any out of pocket expense.  We have cars on sight and do everything possible to make sure we have one available when your vehicle is in our shop being fixed.  When we have completed your repairs, we will bill your insurance company directly upon return of our rental car.

In the event that you don’t have any rental coverage, we offer loaner cars.  We will do our best to have a car available when scheduling in your vehicle.

To be considerate of others, we ask that you don’t smoke, transport animals or tow any trailers in the rental/loaner cars.  We require you to return the car how it was given to you, with a full tank of gas.